Who do we work for ?

For companies determined to move towards their regenerative version.

More and more SMEs, ETIs, start-ups/scale-ups, mission-driven companies, social ventures, B-Corp, #TechforGood, zebrasunite, NGOs, associations and cooperatives are seeking to define and deploy their regenerative version.

Rethinking your shareholding, your governance, strengthening your management committee, getting support at strategic and operational levels, getting your teams and your ecosystem on board are some of the key issues at stake to make this transition a success.

These challenges require you to mobilize human, technical and financial resources, and to find your allies within your company and your ecosystem.

Our role is to listen to your organization, and help her to transition at the service of the Living World.

Our responsibility is to offer you means to achieve your ambition, and to introduce you to those who will help you succeed.

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Some examples of missions

Thank you.

MutualBenefits assisted us in several searches for very specific and hard-to-find profiles: operational partners to join our investment fund. I'd like to thank them for their excellent work, for taking cultural aspects into account and for selecting the 3 good candidates who joined us. I'm happy to recommend the MutualBenefits team. Thank you very much.

Recruitment of 3 operating partners.

We don't normally work with headhunters or recruitment agencies. But MutualBenefits is different. Their excellent understanding of our business, combined with their cooperative approach, helps us find the right person for the job. They are an ideal partner, especially when it comes to international recruitment. They found the right person for a key position in our growing company. We thank them.

Recruitment to complete the COMEX.

We really appreciated the team's work on the recruitment project we entrusted to MutualBenefits. The profiles were qualified and you were very responsive. Thank you very much.

Recruitment of General Manager.

* Our collaboration with MutualBenefits was excellent, they quickly understood our needs. Candidates were identified quickly and efficiently.

** Our experience of working with MutualBenefits can be summed up in a few words: pleasant, efficient and very professional. I have nothing more to say than to confirm that the service was just perfect! Thank you.

*** We called on Mutual Benefits to recruit our Head of Growth / future CMO to join our management committee. As this was a high-stakes position for our company, we wanted to make sure we made the right choice. Thanks to their experience in executive recruitment, Mutual Benefits was very helpful in assessing the hardskils, softskills and cultural fit of the people they presented to us. They showed great professionalism, rigor and involvement throughout the process. We really felt that they were looking out for the mutual success of both parties, the employer and the future recruit. We would be happy to recommend them for direct recruitment of managers.

Hello Asso
Recruitment of experts and managers to complete the COMEX.

Working with MutualBenefits is a real pleasure. We're in the hands of a team that's really on top of the game when it comes to finding top talent. But what really stands out is their commitment to the values of an impact company like ours. To find talents who adhere to and seek a different balance in their daily work and in their relationship with customers, we have to work with executive headhunters who have integrated these new balances without sacrificing the demands of professionalism: it's a balance that can't be found everywhere.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Recruitment of a Vice-President, member of the COMEX and the sales management team.

MutualBenefits is an excellent partner who understands us, challenges us and supports us. MutualBenefits has recruited 6 senior managers for us and we're working on other projects. We appreciated the transparency of the process, and the profiles presented were well-calibrated and of high quality. What's more, communication was very fluid, fuelled by a keen understanding of our challenges and forward-looking thinking. Thank you very much.

Recruitment of 2 Vice-Presidents and the sales management team.