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Recruitment of experts and managers to complete the COMEX.


* We have worked very well with MutualBenefits, they quickly understood our needs. The identification of candidates was done quickly and efficiently.

** Our experience of working with MutualBenefits can be summed up in a few words: pleasant, efficient and very professional. I have nothing else to say but to confirm that the service was just perfect! Thank you.

*** We approached Mutual Benefits to recruit our Head of Growth / future CMO to join our Executive Board. As this was a high-stakes position for our company, we wanted to make sure we made the right choice. With their experience in executive search, Mutual Benefits was very helpful in assessing the hardskils, softskills and cultural fit of the people they presented to us. They were very professional, thorough and involved throughout the process. We really felt that they were looking for mutual success for both parties, both the employer and the future recruit. We would happily recommend them for direct approach recruitment of managers.

Testimonies of Léa Thomassin (CEO)*, Didier Collin (CTO)** and Hannah Berkouk (DG)***