Why do we do this?

To unleash the power of the ecological and civic transition of the economy

MutualBenefits is committed to a fairer, more respectful and more equitable world.

By organizing the meeting of beneficial companies and leaderswho share their convictions and the desire to work together, we facilitate sustainable and profitable recruitment.

MutualBenefits is a unique way to consider the constitution and reinforcement of management committees, experts, experienced professionals and their teams...

... by committing to the planet, to people and to the general interest, to build together a regenerative economy.

Ce qui nous lie et nous engage

La diversité
La coopération
La durabilité
La responsabilité

Nos convictions

Attirer vers les entreprises impliquées dans la transition écologique et citoyenne les meilleures compétences, c’est augmenter leurs chances de réussite.

Faced with the climate and social emergency, we want to see the emergence of alternatives to the race for growth financed by debt or spectacular but off-the-ground fundraising, most often to the detriment of the planet and life.

We want, as a conscious organization, to contribute to the emergence and success of those whose ecological and societal impact is positive, sustainable, measurable.

These are the organizations we favour: humanistic, ambitious for life, creators of value in our territories, who carry out their actions with respect for their stakeholders.

Do you recognize yourself? Please contact us.

Our allies: the organizations we support and cooperate with