(Did you know?) How many managers and executives are willing to turn down a job offer if it came from a company whose environmental and social governance (#ESG) was out of step with their values? 🤔

The answer in pictures 👇🏽

This global survey of more than 7,000 professionals was recently conducted by RobertWalters and is being released in advance of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (#COP26).

France, Chile and Switzerland are the three countries where more than half of managers and executives say they are ready to refuse a job offer if the company's social and environmental responsibility (SER) does not meet their expectations.

This large-scale survey confirms what we have been observing among candidates for several years (see also Jean Moreau's recent post on this subject in the second commentary): no more "daddy-style CSR" (according to Eric Duverger), the commitment of companies to the ecological and social transition must be unambiguous, strong and demonstrable. Even if remuneration, benefits, governance, training and development remain important subjects, candidates are looking closely at the involvement of companies in the ecological and social transition of the economy: all the better! 💪🏽

Company managers and HR directors: you can no longer ignore the question of your place in the world if you want to attract these demanding people, who are themselves accelerators of these changes in gear 🤭

And you, what convinced you to join the company you are in today (emoji Like) and do you recognise yourself in this survey (emoji Bravo), which are, according to you, the most inspiring companies in this field (emoji Encourage)?

Source: "ESG report" by R. Walters available as first comment.