[ZEBRASUNITE] Anika: how to build a more equitable economic model that allows everyone to thrive 🎙During an interview for https://medium.com/zebras-unite,@Anika Horn asked me this question. Below is my answer, the first extract of this interview, the entirety of which will be available soon (in English) Yann:I imagine a future where individuals and economic agents act with sensitivity in a collective dynamic. A world where everyone contributes like a hummingbird to what really matters to him or her. This is an elegant and pleasant way to contribute to solving, as an individual, the Sustainable Development Goals. Because as sentient beings, our survival instinct and our soul ask us to save the Planet.1️⃣ How does it work?> Let's start by finding what really matters to each of us. This introspection, this connection to one's inner strength allows us to make action obvious and easy.> On a personal level, after having acted in an automatic way, I looked for and found what matters to me: to act for a fairer economy that is more respectful of the living, to impact the world to make it more pleasant to live in, to make it more harmonious. To do this, I listened to my heart, my body, my soul in addition to my intellect. Thus, every day, naturally, I contribute to solving the SDGs by relying on my inner strength, the power of my company and my ecosystem.2️⃣ How can this be compatible with capitalism? Hybridizing this head/heart/hand model with capitalism requires measuring our externalities (positive and negative), recognizing them, valuing them, rather than sweeping them under the rug. These externalities are linked to our human activities (metal extraction, energy use, CO2 emissions, etc.) and to nature (what we take from it vs. what we give back to it).> The ToDo 2022 can be summed up in a few lines: - Become aware of our impact- Find our way to eliminate our negative externalities, - Move towards a regenerative and contributive economy, 3️⃣ Build a triple accounting system Since money is at the heart of exchanges we, economic agents, citizens, individuals, entrepreneurs, can ask the legislator to generalize the adoption of triple accounting so that the planet and the individuals are accounted for next to the financial profit (people/planet/profit).What do you think about this? What is YOUR vision for a more equitable future? 💭Thank you Anika Horn for the opportunity to share my views in this interview soon to be published in full on Medium and @ZebrasUnite 🙏🏽.______@ZebrasUnite is calling for a more ethical and inclusive movement to provide an alternative to the current culture of startups and venture capital around the world 🦓.

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