Who do we hunt?

Executives and experts in IT and technology who want to dedicate their work to People/Planet/Profit projects

Did you dream unicorn dreams and wake up in a cliché? Thinking there’s more to life than beer pong and foosball? Wondering whether you belong in a world where nothing matters but winning, scaling, and profit at any cost?

We can get you out of there. Think Tech for Good. Think People/Planet/Profit. Put all that talent of yours towards making a difference. Working for the common good and taking on humanity’s biggest challenges: climate change, diversity, inclusion, the circular economy, greening the economy, green energy, biodiversity...

Are you drawn to purpose-driven companies active in the social economy, or organisations involved in green transition? MutualBenefits can open their doors for you so you can find a position where work, values and meaning converge.
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They say it best

"The MutualBenefits team was highly professional, available and actively involved in my recruitment right up to the moment when I took the position. I will definitely recommend MutualBenefits to my peers, they are the best headhunters I have ever worked with. Thank you!"

Testimonial of a candidate who became Sales Manager, AI software for energy transition.

"The MutualBenefits team digs deep to gain an understanding of the aspirations and expectations of both candidates and companies. This greatly facilitates the decision-making process: both parties have an accurate picture and can ask themselves the right questions. In this way, they can exchange and close the deal on a solid and lasting basis. Thank you for everything."

Testimonial of a candidate for CEO of a marketplace for SMEs and SMIs.

"Both the most unconventional and the smartest headhunter I've ever worked with. An impressive European network, a sharp, human-centered and strategic vision to keep both companies and candidates moving forward over the long term. Add to that flexibility, incredible emotional intelligence, kindness, and generosity, and you get the magic recipe to grow your company with confidence. What more could you want?"

Testimonial of a candidate who became Head of Strategic Partnerships, SaaS for digitalisation of commerce.