The role of a Lego headhunter 🧱

1. Vivier + LinkedIn
2. Calibration
3. Selection
4. Evaluation
5. Presentation to the client

We go from an average pool of 500 people to the presentation of 3 to 5 Perfect Matches, after having exchanged with 50 to 100 professionals in a few days to a few weeks.

For this obstacle course against the clock, you can put in your backpack:
- a holistic understanding of the client's current and future needs,
- the ins and outs of the function, the context, the issues,
get to the point, be concrete, engaging and committed with all stakeholders,
rely on excellent interpersonal skills, which contribute upstream and downstream to the identification, qualification, selection and ultimately the successful integration and development (as far as possible within 3 years) of recruits!

Based on the visual by B. Rossen & K. Lurie