How to choose the right partner and method to find managers and specialists?
What is the difference between headhunting by direct approach and recruitment by advertisement for these profiles? 💡

🧭 The same objective
Both the headhunter and the recruiter find and recruit the ideal person to fill a recruitment need within a company.

🛤 Different issues
The headhunter intervenes to attract and recruit talents of strategic importance for the company that mandates him/her: managers, specialists, experts.

We are therefore talking about :
> Positions to be filled with high responsibility: Managing Director, Secretary General, HR Director, Financial Director, etc. to define and implement the Raison d'Etre
> Recruitment of members of the Executive Committee, of the Board
> Rare pearls: experts in their field and penurious profiles

💬 Advertisement or direct approach?
In the case of recruitment by advertisement, an offer is published on the web and the applications received are selected, so the choice is made on the basis of the applications.

To recruit the ideal talent, the headhunter must contact people who already hold these important responsibilities in other companies: this is the direct approach.

This requires :
- defining a search strategy,
- getting to grips with the company's raison d'être
- identifying profiles,
- representing the company as best as possible, becoming its ambassador
- presenting the opportunity, arguing and persuading of the interest of the position and the company,
- listening to and empathising with the ambitions and aspirations of the candidates in order to play a role of advice and support with them too

🎓 Be an expert in his or her field
The headhunter must have a perfect understanding of the economic, technical and human issues of his or her client. He or she discusses as equals with the candidates he or she has selected.

⚖ Ethics, confidentiality and trust as pillars
The strategic nature of the recruitments entrusted to the headhunter implies absolute respect for the rules of confidentiality on the part of the headhunter. Beyond this discretion, the headhunter must also be a force of conviction with the candidates, all without making false promises!

Are these the only differences between the two approaches? Do you know of any others that we could mention?

Before choosing your partner and recruitment method, these elements should be taken into account, in order to make the right choice of method and partner ✅