[COGNITIVE BIAIS] What are the 24 discrimination criteria to pay attention to in a recruitment process? 🤔

Around 30% of jobseekers feel they have been discriminated against in recruitment (Barometer 2015 Défenseur des droits/OIT).

Discrimination takes many forms, at the various stages of recruitment and once the person has been recruited in the context of his or her development within the company.

Employers and HR managers have a moral and legal obligation to adapt their human resource management practices to avoid discrimination.

This requires us to be aware of our many biases and to take action to minimise (or remove) them.

📜 As a reminder, these grounds for discrimination in employment are prohibited by French law.

One of our proudest achievements in 2020 was to have presented for the first time (the opportunity had not arisen before) among our finalists for 2 positions, 2 obviously pregnant candidates, one of whom was recruited, in full transparency. Congratulations to these companies for trusting us and showing their willingness to act against this classic form of discrimination.

Visual: diversity survey inclusion startup collective FirstTalent Sept.20 @judith tripard